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Light jazz renditions of a variety of tunes, primarily standards and jazz favorites from the 30s through 50s by major composers of that period. The material includes swing, ballads, and Latin - suitable for listening, background music, or dancing


For information or bookings, please contact Warren Palken:
Phone: (360) 671-7739


John Flancher. Over the course of the last 25 years John Flancher (bassist) has played with The Kooks, The Chryslers, Jack Benson and The Spoilers, The Marcia Guderian Trio, The Carlson & Chambers Band, Zoot Rudy, Whatcom Symphony Orchestra and other groups too numerous to mention. "I have played with Warren in many different settings over the years, but we are still speaking to one another regardless."

Lou Lippman (pianist) has vowed never to return to classical repertoire on which he was trained, or anything else that demands perfect adherence to a written score. He accompanied Laura Wyles (mostly torch songs and blues) and was in Chrome Dinette (50s-60s oldies) for the duration of its run. Lou has provided solo background piano music for various events and receptions, and is half of Travelin' Light (with Mary Michaelson, vocalist). He plays in What The Chelm (klezmer), is one of the mentshn (Millie and the Mentshn--world music), and is in the Clearbook Dixieland Jazz Band and the Halleck Street Ramblers (New Orleans jazz). He had attempted to become so busy with music that he would be forced to abandon his day job (from which he retired anyhow).

Warren L. Palken has enjoyed playing drums most of his life. ("There was a six month period when I did not.") In his 50's, Mr. Palken has played in a dozen Bellingham ensembles: Greased Lightning (50's revue), The Kooks (Reggae and Ska), Almighty Dread (Reggae), Wet Paint (Rock and Roll), The Motown Cruisers (Motown, baby, Motown!), World Peace Drum and Marimba Ensemble (Afro Cuban), Carlson & Chambers (Reggae Rock), The Bumblebees (Zydeco), The Chrylsers (50's Rock), Land of the Raven (Rock and Roll), What The Chelm (Klezmer), Monday Night Project (Folk rock), and Millie and the Mentshn (Klezmer). "The spectrum of my studies as a student of music range from classical to the avante garage." Mr. Palken attended Western Washington University and Cornish.